Opt in MLM Leads...
Are you using them?

If you are purchasing leads from a reputable company they will be opt in mlm leads. These are leads that requested to receive information about working from home.

This simply means they filled out a form on the internet stating they wanted more information. You would think that's an obvious statement, but there are many worthless companies that receive information using shady techniques. Using surveys is the way I've seen most.

Why is it so important?
Scenario: You see an ad with a picture of a laptop and it says fill out a survey and receive a free gift. You fill out this survey and you receive your gift, which is probably a gift card.

You gave the supplier of this survey a name, phone number, email address and address to send you a gift or to contact you if there is a problem without thinking twice.
No harm, no foul right? No, this person never promised to use your information for that reason only!

You can get into a lot of trouble if you call a lead that didn't request the information, especially if they are on the Do Not Call list.

If you are trying a new lead company read the whole website. Most companies will state that all of their leads are opt in along with how they got them, if they don't email them and ask. They won't mind if they are a reputable company.

Ever heard of a Double opt in MLM lead?

While opt in leads are good to use, a better lead is the double opt in lead.

The process in getting a double opt in lead is the same as getting opt in mlm leads, but they take it one step further. After the prospect fills out the form requesting information, an email is sent to their email address where they are asked to confirm they asked to receive information about a home based business.

Using opt in mlm leads to build your downline

When you contact these leads you must remember that all they did was request to receive more information. Usually that means they just want to get information to read over because they were curious.

You probably won't get a distributor on the first contact, but you can send them information via mail or email. Set a day and time to call them back and go over the information.

Also you want to ask them if you can place them on your email list so they can receive more information and updates about the company. Having them in your autoresponder helps alot because it's been proven that people usually have to see something 5-7 times before purchasing.

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