How to Choose the Right
Network Marketing Company

There are plenty of things you should consider before investing in a Network Marketing Company.

Love the Product or Service

This is VERY important and can easily make or break your success in this business.

You have to make sure you would purchase or promote the product/service even if you weren't getting paid for it.
I know I just confused a lot of people when I just said that, and you're probably asking "why would I promote a product without getting paid for it?"

Well you do it everyday whether you know it or not. If you've ever told a friend about a new tv you bought, or a new brand of jeans.
You are promoting that product, and SURPRISE you aren't getting paid for it!

Why does this matter?

I say this is important because in order to truly succeed in Network Marketing, you have to continuously build your business.
In order to build your business you have to make sure you are constantly bringing in customers and business owners.

Can you imagine how hard that will be if you hate the product.

Honestly, think about it. You need to have passion for what you are selling. When you have passion, your customers and potential business partners will hear how much you truly believe in your company and the product they offer when you talk about it.

When you are excited about a product its real easy to get others excited about the product, which will make them want to try it out.

Understand The Compensation Plan

I'm pretty sure you can figure out why its important to completely understand the compensation plan
Of course you do! That's how you get paid, how else would you know how much money you can expect to receive from month to month if you don't understand the compensation plan?

I'm not saying you have to learn how to calculate every percentage detail, but you should at least know what you are getting paid and why.

Know what your investment and monthly/annual fees cover

When you invest in a Network Marketing company you should know what your hard earned money is paying for.

  • Do you get any company websites?
  • What kind of support will you have after you start?
  • Do you receive products?

  • Those are just a few things you should think about, of course different businesses will make you think about different questions.

    Also make sure you know if you will have to purchase any products to receive commission, Most of the pill and juice companies require you to do so.

    Is the company legitimate?

    This could be the most important. You don't want to invest in a company to find out its a scam and then all of a sudden it disappears and you are out of $1000!

    There are plenty of ways you can check up on a company.
  • Research how long the company has been around and if its debt free.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints
  • Is the company a member of the BBB? If not does it have any other affiliations? (such as DSA)
  • Does the company website have legit contact information? (Names, numbers, addresses)
  • Does the company have a true product or service?(if not its a scam)
  • Are you able to get paid from selling the product alone?

  • It also doesn't hurt to google the company or ask about it in forums.
    Whatever you do make sure you research the company until you feel 100% comfortable investing money into it.

    Please keep in mind Every company has complaints, but you have to balance it out.
    If a company has 30,000 customers, 70,000 Home based owners and 25 complaints it's obviously not a scam.

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