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MLM Surveyed Leads

MLM surveyed leads have answered specific questions that will help you a lot when prospecting. The questions may vary with different companies, but they pretty much have the same bottom line.

Using a surveyed mlm lead, can cut down your prospecting time

This is what a typical surveyed mlm lead looks like:

Jane Doe
5555 Street name
Any City, State and Zip
IP address
Best time to be reached
Reason for wanting a home business
Capital(money they have to invest)
How soon can you start

I'm sure you can see how the above information can be extremely helpful to you when calling a prospect. since you already have pertinent information you can think about the way you will present your business to the prospect before you even call them.

Prospecting surveyed mlm leads

Sample conversation with a surveyed mlm lead

You: Hi Jane doe this is Jasmine from your name came across my desk as someone who would be interested in creating an income from home. So I'm calling to see how I can help you with that today. Do you have a few minutes or would you like to schedule another time?

Jane doe: Yes, I can talk right now

You: Okay great, Well I see here that you want to make extra money while staying home and taking care of your newborn daughter? I know it can be hard to send a child so young to daycare

This is a good way to get the prospect to feel comfortable in talking to you and open up to you a little more. Let the prospect know you sympathize with their situation. Show them you truly care and want to help them achieve that goal.

When I use surveyed mlm leads, I sort them by the time they would like to start, then by the capital they have to start with. That way I can call the most qualified leads first.

This is important because most surveyed leads are between 24-72 hours old already, so you don't want to wait too long to call if they say they want to start within 48 hours. If you wait any longer, they could easily join another company during that time.

Are MLM surveyed leads expensive?

Surveyed leads are usually very affordable, but each company will have different prices. Companies usually charge more when they have a really good conversion ratio.

Sometimes a company can tell you what their conversion ration is. Of course this isn't a guarantee, but you can pretty much get an idea. Remember the more leads you buy the higher your chances are of finding a lot of new team members.

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