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So you can offer your team the support they really need!

MLM local leads are self explanatory. They are leads that are in your local area.

They are available in many different forms which also determines the price of the lead package. Double opt in, prescreened, surveyed, telephone verified and more! It really depends on the company you choose to purchase leads from and what they offer.

As with any other kind of leads those that are verified, prescreened or exclusive will be a lot more expensive and could cost as much at $5.00/lead!

Note: Before spending that kind of money on leads, I highly suggest checking out the conversion rate and quality of leads from that company. If you are new to network marketing then you should definitely practice with cheaper leads first.

What makes the mlm local lead so special?

I suggest working these leads if you'd rather have a closer relationship with your team. Most team builders have teams in different areas and rely on teleconferences and email to train and support.

When working mlm local leads you will have a more hands on approach in the training and support of you team. That is extremely effective if your company depends on parties and meetings to sell the product.

How should I work my local mlm lead?

If you work local leads, a phone call is still a very critical step. The only difference is you don't have to try to convince the prospect that your company is right for them over the phone or through the autoresponder. You can schedule an actual meeting with them to present the opportunity.

You can ask them to meet you for coffee or lunch so you can talk to them about the company. You will also be able to write the cost of the meal off on your taxes, so hey you might as well treat them too!

when you pay for your prospects meal, you are subtly showing them that you are successful enough to buy them lunch with no problem. Good, right? That means all you have to do is show them that you really want to help them get that same success. This will also give you better chances at a meeting with them, because they don't have anything to lose and they get a free meal out of the deal!

Note: You want to be careful when choosing a meeting place, you don't want anything too busy that will take your prospects focus off of you and your presentation.

During the meal you should get to know the prospect. Find out their dreams and goals. Make sure you are LISTENING to what they're saying.

I suggest not talking about the business until after you are both done eating. They will be full and happy and can focus on what you are talking about. If you listened to their wants you will definitely know what to highlight in the presentation of your opportunity. Your prospect will definitely notice that you genuinely care about them and their financial freedom.

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