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What are MLM Genealogy Leads?

MLM genealogy leads (also referred to as mlm downline leads) are people that have already been apart of the network marketing scene.

The Good
The good thing about genealogy leads is the fact that the person already knows all about MLM That means you don't have to try that hard to convince them that this business model works, just that your company is better than their current company.

They already understand the financial and time freedom that comes with mlm. If you are lucky enough to convert one of these leads into your downline, they will most likely get started quickly and build a big downline in no time from all of their experience.
The Bad
The bad thing is, if they are still apart of network marketing then most likely they are happy with the company they are currently with and not looking to join another company.

If They aren't doing mlm anymore they are probably scarred from the experience they had and would probably run at the mere mention of mlm!

How to buy a mlm leads list

When you purchase mlm genealogy leads they range in different size lists and can cost as low as 10cents/lead! They may ultimately be more expensive than a normal package of leads because they come in batches of 500 or more leads, but they are worth it.

Think of it this way, recruiting one of these leads could possibly add $50K to your annual income!

Remember when purchasing a mlm leads list (genealogy leads) these people didn't request information about working from home so they aren't opt in leads and could be on the "do not call" list. To avoid any trouble you should always make sure the people you are calling aren't on the DNC list.

Checking them one at time would not be time efficient for anybody building a business, which is where the following companies come into play. These companies perform DNC scrubbing. All you have to do is submit your list to them and they'll eliminate those on the DNC list.

DNC List Scrubbing
Price $249.95
Do it yourself software. Has a free 30 day trial. Great for people who purchase these leads often since there's a one time payment for unlimited use versus paying for each list being scrubbed.
Price $49-$399/month
Has a monthly recurring charge based on the amount of records scrubbed per month. Has 10% discount when you prepay for 6 months, and 20% discount when you prepay for 12 months.

Working with MLM Lead Lists

These type of leads could be great if worked correctly. Remember since these aren't opt in leads you are basically cold calling. When working these you wouldn't use the same phone scripts you use with opp seeker leads.

When talking to them you will want to see if your business is a fit for them. You are not selling them because they have been apart of this business and they know when they are being sold!

You basically want to see if they are open to looking at a new opportunity. If they are indeed interested in hearing about your company you can go into more details about the compensation plan and products.

Looking to buy MLM Genealogy Leads?

Here are a few lead companies that I'm looking into using for myself.
Great source for MLM Genealogy leads. They also have great package deals. They also include Scripts and training on working the leads.
They have an extremely affordable autoship program that gives EXCLUSIVE genealogy leads every month!

If you use or have used any services from the above companies we would love to know good or bad! Tell us here

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