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MLM Email Leads...
The Big Lead, for Little Budgets.

Working with MLM email leads can help build your downline, but it will do so at a slower pace than the other type of leads you may use. When using them, I would suggest using them in conjunction with another type of lead. They aren't really the type of leads you should rely on 100 percent.

Cheap MLM leads, to fit any budget

These leads are really cheap mlm leads. They come in really big packages to increase conversion, but they can have prices as low as .02/lead! They're usually sold in packages of thousands of leads.
Once again the prices vary so you might find a package of 2000 leads for $40 at one site, and a package of 2500 for $79 at another. Since these are really cheap mlm leads they are really great for people who don't have a big budget to build their downline.

What Information Comes With an MLM Email Lead?

Usually an MLM email lead will include a name, address, and email address. Sometimes they even include a phone number, but I wouldn't recommend calling any of your email leads. These are leads you should immediately place in your autoresponder.

You should also make sure your autoresponder emails are unique and eye catching. i say this because the prospect may have a lot of different emails coming to their inbox offering them a good opportunity. This may cause the prospect to delete all of the emails because they are swamped with them, so you need to make sure your emails have a higher chance of being noticed and not getting deleted.

Working with Email Leads

There is another way you can prospect a mlm email lead, but it is very time consuming...

You can send them postcards.

I know a lot of people have done this before, but I'm not talking about ordering a stack of postcards from vistaprint and sending them to people. You can actually get a better outcome without spending much money if you use plain white postcards. You can buy them from the post office with the stamps already affixed. You can also buy them from staples, or office max and purchase stamps from the post office. This method works better when you hand write them, because it's more personal.

Then write a quick message like the following:

Hi Jane Doe,
I would like to talk to you about a FT/PT position with my company give me a call at 555-555-5555

Thank you,
Jasmine Polk

When using this method it would be better to have an 800 number because it looks more professional. If you don't have one you can get one from I would advise against adding a website to the postcard, because it could give people a bad taste in their mouths to see a site about a network marketing company without ever hearing a real person. You don't want to chase your prospect away.

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