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Free MLM Leads

A lot of people wonder if free mlm leads actually work, and it really depends on your expectations. If you are just using free leads to practice calling leads, then they work perfect. If you are trying to build your downline using free leads, you may be disappointed with your results.

Why do companies give away Free Network Marketing Leads?

These companies know when they give away these leads, it gives people a chance to check out the quality without spending any money. If the quality of lead is up to the customers standards they will continue to purchase leads from that company.

If the company proves to have great free leads then just imagine the quality of their leads available for purchase, which means giving away a few leads will result in a very nice return from that same customer. Sounds like a great plan to me!

Working with Free Leads

When working free leads, you should call them immediately when you receive them. I say this because most free leads are between 24-72 hours old when you get them. Free leads are also not exclusive, which means other people will also be calling them.

I would not suggest trying to close you prospect on that first contact... I mean if they were that hot, would they be free? Most free leads are people that are just looking into a home based business, they aren't ready to actually join one.

Get Free MLM Leads

The following websites offer free mlm leads. The links will open in another window so if you have a pop up blocker they might not open. You can temporarily allow pop ups for this site or hold down the CTRL key before clicking on each link.

Instead you should let the prospect know why you are calling and ask them if you could place them on you mailing list to receive news, information and updates from you about your business. Then ask them if you could possibly give them a call in about 3 days to go over any questions they may have. Doing that works out for both you and your prospect. You get to continue to bring information to your prospects inbox and possibly close them at a later date, and they will be able to read the information they wanted about a home based business without the pressure of someone trying to close them.

After you get off the phone with the prospect personally send them an email with the subject line: As per our conversation, or something close. In that email make sure you let them know to put your email address in their address book so the emails won't go into their junk folder. Of course you're not going to say it like that to them. You will tell them to make sure they add you to their address book so they won't miss out on important news and offers. Then add them to your autoresponders email list, and make sure you have at least 7 different emails in your autoresponder.

Make sure you call the prospect on the date and time you scheduled, or send them an email if you need to reschedule. If you happen to turn a free lead into a distributor in your downline Congratulations!! If not, at least you got good practice to prepare you for calling leads you actually pay for.

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