Shedding light on Data Entry Scams

Data Entry Scams are the most popular and most believed scams on the Internet today.

That's probably because data entry is also a very real and legit type of offline job.

Although there is a possible way to do data entry work from home, the way you see advertised all over the net isn't the way to do it!

The Free Online Data Entry Job Ad...

So have you seen the ad about how you can get a free online data entry job?

Apparently you can make an extra $300/$500 an hour doing simple things like filling out forms. Of course you have to pay for the information on how exactly you get this data entry job. When you buy the "information" it will tell you how to find these companies that you'll be working for and get paid filling out these 2 minute forms.

My question is if you're paying for this information what's Free?

This perfectly falls in line with other Data Entry Scams...

Never Pay for a Data Entry Job

Remember what I said about the word Job meaning you are an employee?

So why would you pay someone to work for them!?

Now if you are looking for a Data Entry Job and are paying for access to a legitimate directory of companies that offer telecommuting jobs then that's okay, but you aren't paying for information!

Those directories will have you set up a profile which includes a resume for potential employers to look at and see if you are the right candidate for any of their job openings.

Data entry job scams, The Breakdown

I've explained how you pay for information in these data entry scams, but that doesn't really explain how it's a scam.

The information you are paying for when signing up for these data entry work from home programs is the same information you can get for free on your own with just a little research.

So lets break it all down...

First of all let me start by telling you the real name for what you are doing when you sign up for these data entry job scams is called Affiliate Marketing.

  • First you are told to sign up for a Clickbank account, which is totally free

  • You then find which "companies" you want to work for

  • After that you are told to go to the list of free classifieds they give you and place ads for those companies(I guess that's the data entry part)

  • You are also told to use google pay per click, which can get very expensive if you don't know what you're doing!

  • People will start to click on your links and make purchases and you will get paid!

  • The problem is they don't explain to you how much money you will need to invest to start making that money, and they also don't tell you that there is no guarantee that someone will purchase that product after clicking on your link. If you are using Google PPC like they suggest you pay for the click even if nobody buys anything!

    Now I've just given you the exact same information they expect you to pay for, and it was absolutely FREE!

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