Company Specific MLM Leads...

The Downline Goldmine!

Company specific mlm leads are great. I say this because when you purchase them, you are getting a prospect that has already expressed interest in your company.

This means they already know what kind of product/service the company offers and want more information about becoming a distributor.

Can't afford company specific leads?

This kind of lead can be kind of pricey, so I wouldn't suggest using them if you are brand new to network marketing.

When you buy company specific leads they can come as surveyed, real time or telephone verified. Of course phone verified real time leads will be more expensive than surveyed leads. They are all good leads so don't stress out if your budget doesn't allow you to get really expensive leads.

The way I see it is that I shouldn't be using the expensive leads until I have my phone presentation down and can afford them. So working the cheaper leads will give me practice, build my downline and in doing so give me more money to afford the expensive leads!!
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So don't be in a rush to use leads you can barely afford, it's sort of like being in a rush to lose money.

Before purchasing this kind of lead you should definitely find out how the leads were generated. That is very important.

You want to make sure you are purchasing leads that really want to be contacted and not leads that were tricked into opting in for information.

When working company specific mlm leads you should make sure you have a good presentation. They are already interested in the company so all you have to do is present them with the opportunity.

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