Assembly Work at Home,
Is it real?

Assembly work at home companies tend to attract those that understand you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Those that realize you can't get something for nothing, so they're actually willing to do some sort of labor to reach their financial goals.

How the assembly work at home scam works

Maybe you received something in the mail or you saw an advertisement about how you can make an extra $500/week by assembling products from home.
Sometimes the ad will tell you how to receive free information possibly paying $5 for shipping and handling or purchasing a directory of a lot of different assembly work at home companies.

You pay the shipping and handling to someone (most likely a home envelope stuffer) or the company and you receive a handout explaining how you get paid, and what you have to do to get paid.

The products you are asked to assemble can be anything from cd cases to hair bows, I've seen so many different products!

If you decide to move forward then you are asked for a start-up fee which they say is put in place to separate the serious workers from the curious, because of how expensive it is to give people all of the supplies to complete the assembly...

There is usually a guarantee that you will receive your start-up fee back with your first batch of completed products sold back to the company.

Sounds good to me... Where's the scam?

It does, doesn't it?
It also sounds easy, almost a little too easy!

When you receive your package from the company, there will be enough supplies to make a set amount of product depending on how much money you are trying to make a week. There will also be a sample product so you will know what it should look like and directions for making it.

After you assemble the items you are then told to mail the finished product back to the company. They will pay you based on if your finished product meets company standards...

That's where the scam comes in!

Most of the time your finished product won't meet the companies standards!

I once sent back the actual sample product and even that didn't meet the companies standards!!

Now not only have you invested money, but you have invested something even more precious... Your time with nothing to show for it!

**Please don't feel stupid if you've ever fallen for an assembly work at home scam, because it is very appealing to someone who is willing to take a few hours everyday and actually work to make a little extra money.** 

One more thing...

There are also companies online that offer a directory of assembly work at home companies or access to a directory of work from home jobs. These directories will usually cost about $35 and just have a list of different companies that also require a start up fee!

Please don't fall for those type of scams.

There are real work from home directories and although they will require a fee, they will not include the typical scams inside.

Always follow your gut feeling and make sure you do all research needed to prove that a company or directory is legit.

If you get even the slightest feeling that you shouldn't give someone money then Don't

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